A new curriculum was introduced into Early Years settings from September 2008 which focuses on the children’s ‘Learning Through Play’. At The Tree House, we organise our days to include a variety of child-led and adult-led activities which centre around the children’s changing energy levels. The activities and resources we plan within the framework of the curriculum allow children to learn through first-hand experience.

Children are given the opportunity to test their ideas, problem solve, engage in new and lasting friendships and gain confidence and independence.

Throughout the day children are supported in their learning by spontaneous planning. This involves practitioners having a knowledge of childrens developmental targets and using this knowledge to extend learning. Practitioners will often become actively involved in a child’s game and gently lead their play to an area that encourages them to problem solve and test new skills.

To ensure your child is consistently developing in all 7 areas, they will be a focus child once every couple of months. Targets will be discussed with yourselves beforehand and then feedback after the focus week will establish areas to work on in the future. This string of development means you are always aware of the areas your child is working on and can ensure fluid learning at home if you wish.

During the week we have outside specialists join us to run Sports sessions, a French class and a music class. The specialists are all DBS checked and children enjoy the structure of these sessions.


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