Crawlers and Explorers (3m to 24m) Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. Our younger room has low level and floor based toys such as sand and water trays, a music area, mark making equipment and specifically designed mini- high chairs to allow table top activities and meals to be enjoyed together.

The room is spacious, bright and decorated in soft colours with recognisable characters from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ painted on one long wall. It has large patio doors and sky lights to allow in natural light and to give the little ones their own entrance into our garden. Our high staff to child ratio means babies will receive lots of individual attention, cuddles and eye contact, and best of all, they will have five other friends to watch and interact with.

Two large doors open into the older children’s room to allow for a social meal time, but can be closed for quiet times and sleep times thus allowing home routines to be maintained. Every little milestone they attempt will be noted and presented to you with much excitement at the end of each day.

Our baby room is always filled with giggles, cuddles and lots of fun so our children are often a little messy but very happy and tired when they go home.

Walkers and Talkers (24m to 59m). This is a more structured room designed for a more energetic and independent mind. With areas for social play, construction, painting, a quiet story and adult led ‘focus activities the older room is geared towards readying our children for ‘big school’.

Independence is promoted during every part of the day, from setting the table, learning to hold a fork and potty training to blending smoothies for friends and making play dough. A specially designed ‘messy play area’ means children can be expressive without worrying and our dressing up and home corner will encourage friendships to develop.

Staff and children will have fun together learning about different religions and festivals, exploring music with a variety of instruments, building with construction toys and the firm favourite, snuggling down to a great story. Our quiet book corner also has a cosy sleep cave to allow children to choose when they need to rest.

Every new skill that is learnt is celebrated during ‘Circle Time’ with stickers and rapturous applause from friends.