We select staff for their sensitivity, motivation and general love of children, who gain satisfaction from helping little ones grow and flourish. All staff are DBS checked. Due to the ongoing professional development that is supported at Tree House, all of our practitioners have reached NVQ level 3 status or higher.

Team members at the Tree House have all stayed for a minimum of between 4-7 years meaning we are a well established, happy and supported team.

Staff will also be chosen as key workers for individual children.

Emma Taaffe: “I am the manager of The Tree house having spent several years dreaming and planning this venture with my family. I trained as a Nursery Nurse in the early 90’s following which I worked for a family as a private nanny for 3 years and then in a day nursery for a further 3 years.”

“I changed profession and completed a BSc and MSc in Haematology in order to work at University College Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for 10 years.”

“I have enjoyed watching The Tree House grow and flourish to the Outstanding level it is. In order to support the Tree House I completed a post Graduate qualification in Early Years education in 2012 in order to increase standards and gain recognition for the importance of our work.”