The Tree House team are qualified, experienced practitioners who have worked together for many years. Our low staff turnover is a huge benefit to the children and to the happiness of the nursery. The environment is designed with a specific age group in mind and the equipment used is of the highest quality.

Security is of utmost importance to us at The Tree House and our setting was designed to incorporate CCTV cameras. An intercom system and camera operate to monitor the main entrance.

No one will be permitted entry who is not recognised by staff or who has not pre arranged a visit with Practitioners. There are three cameras within The Tree House and one covering the garden area for your peace of mind and our security.

Both rooms support spontaneous play and all toys are stored at children’s level. Our indoor areas lead via double doors into our large garden allowing an open plan environment. Toilets are small and support those first starting the ‘potty training journey’ to independent school leavers who are able to go alone.

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